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Any game player can gain more than that in the game, they can learn things, such as perseverance, selfless dedication, trustworthy character…

It's not that I'm bragging, how many boys learn how to wait for the rabbit for the first time, and never give up when they find the goal, not in the classroom or in the book, but in the desert 2 door.

If something doesn't feel right to you, think back. Is there someone in your life who shouts "one shot", sacrifices his team to fight information teammates, and teaches you what the virtue of "integrity" is.

So someone asked, how is the game playing? That's them, who know what it means to draw inferences from one instance and draw inferences by analogy. The game is trained enough to make the player a killer.

The female character of the coquettish game soared into the air, and the anchor's blood seemed to be pumped to Ctrl's finger. There was a burst of ghosts and animals squatting up, and even the high heels in the game appeared as phantoms.

Knowing where to buy a microphone, the radio is not as good as the original 9.9 free shipping earphones, the rumbling noise reverberates in the room, like the anchor is fighting in Syria, and the clacking of the keyboard is like an allegro.

Even if the audience doesn't know that this game is called "Cross Fire", it is the dream of 300 million mouse shootouts, and the fps game with the most players (probably).

Even if they know that people are jumping in the video, what are they rambling about? But after watching the jumping videos of these Chinese CF players, the foreigners are still not tense.

Mouse Taiwan University anchor xQc may not have expected the video (from Douyin "Hidden Skills and the Moon") to be like this. According to incomplete statistics, since February this year, he has watched the video no less than 10 times during the live broadcast.

Ti Chi has no resistance to the total loss of sound quality recorded by inferior microphones. Let him click on the Chinese CF jumping clips on TikTok over and over again, laughing over and over again.

——To be honest, I still want to “go to sea” in such a form as CF.

Familiarity with the mosaic images brought me back to that summer, where the lights of the electric fan flickered and flickered, making my eyes hurt.

It's a pity that I'm addicted to cooking, and the transport ship can kill people blocking the door. He took me to play games and taught me pyramid parkour…

Tudou has a video of a big guy running and teasing zombies, which is dazzling-I think this is the starting point of CF jumping.

However, jumping into the game is still on the CF mobile game. The mobile game Tiaotiaole is much more than the client game. It was not until 2017 that Tiaotiaole officially joined the CF client game "Workshop" as a mode (somewhat similar to the V agency creative workshop).

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CF cross the line of fire beauty beautiful photo


V agency CS has researched agility parkour gameplay, we call it kz.

It is said that an author named Kreedz made the first jumping parkour map. Since then, many authors have joined, and the CS community has gathered a circle of people.

CF jumps like a CS community kz server. It's just that due to the existence of popular games such as biochemical mode and ghost mode, which pay attention to physical skills, the former has a more mass base.

Everyone is not very good at playing. It may take 20 minutes to clear a picture, and it will be finished in 10 minutes. However, jumping maps cannot join in the middle and open rooms alone (challenge).

At that time, there was an unwritten rule in the wild house that no one could step on it, otherwise the room would be closed with a countdown of 30 seconds and the ranking would be settled. The reward for the first place was not much.

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Wan Yu won the honor of the most welcome commentator of the year, rendering the Xiaoyi combination to attract players' attention

CF Du Chao's Weibo

So I retired before the quality reached a high level, leaving others to continue playing—I know whether it has been changed or not, I have been following CF for a long time, and my memory is biased.

Before, I had the impression of jumping and jumping, staying step by step and jumping through the picture tremblingly. As a result, looking back at the live broadcast now, there are two kinds of games.

Seeing the anchor fly out with a swish, manipulating the character to make all kinds of incredible movements in the air, it reminds people of the TV station's wisdom and bravery.

CF agility is true. For example, in the process of staying in the air, the jump distance in the W direction has nothing to do with it. Ctrl squats and jumps.

Many masters like to jump obliquely. This is because the collision area of ​​the game characters is a flat rhombus.

"Welcome to Crossfire, now press and hold W to move forward! Then jump in space, awesome! Move the mouse to change the perspective!"

"Okay, you're a player now, let's go to heaven with our left foot and our right foot."

It can be said that Tiaotiao is the top among CF players and the mode of pulling blood pressure.

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